1 February 2023

New year Goals, Resolutions and all that pressure!

Author: Shona Saquis, Lifestyle Concierge, Extra Hands with Extra Love

Are your Holidays over, and is that sinking feeling settling in?

Now that the rushing and running have been completed, the food cooked and eaten, life is resuming and the Christmas clutter must be tackled.

New things need to find a home, the tree needs to get back in the box, and all the paraphernalia that goes with year’s end. It’s time to reclaim your home!

De-cluttering your physical space clears your energy for next year, so here’s your chance to de-clutter the tree, get rid of ornaments that no longer give off spark or have seen better days. If the dog chewed your Christmas Angel that’s not a charitable item, bin it along with the fairy lights that have more than a few bulbs blown.

This year I purchased some lovely new ornaments, bravely binned the green and red South Sydney Rabbitoh’s garland that has graced out tree for the past few years and blissfully adorned it with my sparkly new ones and guess what, my boys didn’t even notice!

This year is the first time I’ve enjoyed our tree and found myself admiring it proudly sipping on a cuppa.

If you’re keeping it, store smartly, this will make the process so much easier next year. I use plastic tubs, one for more precious items that I bubble wrap and store in old shoe boxes placed in the bigger container, the others contain garlands and baubles. I also use clear resealable bags for certain items so I can see at a glance what I have. Go through your gift bags and wrapping paper, as my kids have grown older paper covered in Santa is now deemed “babyish Mum”!

Then there are the presents that may not be your cup of tea or you already have one. I like to think of this as an opportunity to bless someone else. Just because you’re not fussed on it, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t enjoy it.

The Christmas clutter doesn’t end here, our fridges have had a workout jam packed with all that festive food, but leftovers cannot last forever! The remains of Auntie Joan’s trifle have expired by now and it’s time to return her dish. Perishables like wilting herbs and fruit can generally find a second life and be frozen to be used later in smoothies, or better still a delicious cocktail.

Try not to overwhelm yourself with what needs to be done and allow yourself a moment of reflection after the chaos of Christmas and NY. Think about what you have achieved this past year, did you make a change, try something new? I was able to keep my 2 boys alive for another year, which is always a challenge, and I also invested more time doing things I love, like going to the theatre, trying new restaurants, and reconnecting with old friends.

To me the New Year provides a chance to simplify, and less stuff makes life simpler. A clean and organized environment can only bring Joy, Peace and Balance. As they say “Out with the old but think carefully about the new”.

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Cheers to new beginnings, and Health & Happiness to you all in 2023

Shona Sarquis
Lifestyle Concierge

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