2 July 2022

What makes the perfect family home in 2022

Author: Kerri-Ann Hooper, Carnelian Projects

Let’s face it, most women have a lot on their plates. Whether you have children, or have elderly parents to care for, have your own business or a demanding role it can be exhausting just thinking about tackling a big project such a building a new home.

If you’re contemplating building here are some of the key things to include to make your home a
functional and satisfying place to spend your down time:

1. Butlers pantry – gone are the days of a basic cupboard for your pantry. A separate area to prep, with an extra sink, more cupboards (for those endless amounts of wine glasses we need for our sanity) and an area to hide the fridge make the butlers pantry the new must-have.

2. Mud room – the perfect solution for busy families, a mud room is the place for kids and messy
partners to dump school bags, shoes, work gear and leave the rest of the house feeling calm and
clutter free. Position it near the garage and include plenty of hooks and cupboards. Goodbye untidy kitchen bench!

3. Ensuite bath – more clients are starting to include a free-standing bath in their ensuite. Not only does it look luxurious, you don’t have to worry about the kids barging in when you’re trying to squeeze in that elusive relaxation time.

4. Study nook or room – as we know, working from home is the new norm, so the demand for a place to work comfortably has grown. Pair a study bench with overhead cupboards to tuck all your files away and make it presentable when visitors pop around. Extra lighting as well as data and powerpoints are a must.

5. Barn doors – not just the humble cavity sliding doors, barn doors offer practicality by closing off rooms as well as adding a feature statement. There are many options from country and Hampton styles, to dark woods with frosted glass, allowing you to hide away the everyday mess when you’re entertaining.

6. Storage, storage, storage – it can’t be overstated – storage is a must. You won’t regret making space for linen and broom cupboards wherever you can – whether it be in the laundry, the hallway or under the stairs. Plus you always need storage for all those big bulky items like the Christmas tree and luggage. Or, if you’re like me and struggle to throw things away, you’ll need somewhere to store all your kids’ paintings and old clothes.

7. Laundry bench space – it’s not something we think about whilst we’re young, going out, buying clothes and having fun, but a decent laundry bench suddenly becomes an exciting and sought-after accessory when the reality of household chores sets in. Trust me!

Putting time into the planning and design phase of your new home will reap rewards later, making your home a comfortable and enjoyable sanctuary.

Kerri-Ann Hooper is a trusted building broker with over 30 years’ experience in the real estate and building industries. Kerri-Ann is passionate about helping first home builders, families and investors create the perfect home. In addition to matching clients with the perfect house design and land, she guides her clients throughout the entire build process from contract stage to final handover making the experience easy and stress free. You can reach out to Kerri-Ann at carnelianprojects.com.au